SZU 2016/17
Our sports week in Carinthia
My class and me were away from Vienna from the 7th of May to the 12th of May. We were in Carinthia in Faak am See.
Einleitendes Bild: Our sports week in Carinthia

It was a beautiful place and looked like the village of the Smurfs. There were a lot of little houses with 4 apartments inside, only 10 metres away from the lake. It was a wonderful view. The food there was also very good. Despite all those nice things, we also had a small problem. It was very cold in the flats for the first two days so we had to turn the heating on in our rooms.

The journey to Faak and back was a lot of fun because we sang songs in different languages and played a lot of games. At the beginning we had been rather quiet because we all hadn’t got enough sleep the day before but after the break we made a lot of noise. All in all the journey wasn’t boring.

The majority of our class played tennis and beach volleyball, me too. Tennis was very relaxed and cool but beach volleyball was a little bit more exhausting because every time we played the sun was shining. Right on the first day we made new friends and we are still in contact and see each other almost every day in school. One day we went up a mountain from where we could see the lake once again, it was really nice and so big. The view from the houses was beautiful too but the view on the mountain was breath-taking.

In my opinion it was a beautiful week, we were all very sad when we went home, you had spent an unforgettable time with your friends. I would love to go there again for another week.

Daniela Paradzikovic 3BK