4AK 2016/17
Together with our teachers, Mrs. Steinwidder and Mr. Steininger, we visited the ‘Gewinnmesse’, a fair for schools and practice firms.
Einleitendes Bild: Gewinn-Messe

There we had the chance to get in touch with some businesses like ‘Siemens’, ‘Fairtrade’ and the ‘Post’. We learned a lot about the companies and received useful tips for writing applications. Later that day the Austrian Chancellor, Mr. Christian Kern, gave a lecture on infrastructure and education.

After a little break we went back to the conference hall to participate in the lecture of the Austrian Foreign Secretary, Mr. Sebastian Kurz, who really managed to involve the students in his presentation.

To put it in a nutshell, the fair was interesting and we learned a lot about our economy and political system.